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iPAS2 Online Business System Helps Travelers Live Anywhere in the World

iPAS 2 PRO is currently one of the most praised business systems in the Internet marketing industry that is allowing people from all walks of life to travel and make a living online. You have probably heard of it before and if not, Manessi wants to and is willing to give you in-depth insight on the marketing platform that is helping many members of our travel program to stay aboard and see the world.

iPAS 2 PRO Business Success System Helps Entrepreneurs Build Online Presence

Simply put, iPAS 2 PRO takes care of the lead-to-sales cycle. It is a fully automated system and according to the developers – Chris Jones and Chris Campbell – it took them a total of five years to develop the system. You will find though that the iPAS 2 PRO offers more than the basic service.

Before we jump into the flashy business benefits and unlimited potential all of our guest travelers speak of so highly, let’s make it clear that you can experience all that iPAS2 has to offer with a $1 trial offer.

Features of the Product

ipas2 reviewThe PRO version offers the following features:

• iPAS Success System
• Extensive access to profit maximizers
• Up to 50% of commissions received from sales
• Viral blogging system for Empower Network
• 24/7 coaching as well as support access

Note though that iPAS 2 PRO is the basic version of the iPAS2 service. There is still the Silver, Gold as well as Black membership — each one with more features to make your experience more worthwhile.

Pros of iPAS 2 PRO

There are several advantages over using this particular product. Following are just some of the benefits you might experience with the system:

• Personal coaching — definitely the most notable benefit of the business.
• Extensive training
• Online marketing tools, each one specially sourced for your specific needs
• In depth analytics for the Empower Network team

Cons of iPAS 2 PRO

The main drawback of iPAS is the fact that it has been originally made for the Empower Network Prosperity Team. That being said, if you are not a member of the Empower Network, then you might want to skip this business success system entirely. Also, the cost can be a little daunting if you are a new Empower Network member — the basic priced at a whopping $715.

How Users Like It

ipas 2 success systemCurrently, iPAS2 PRO boasts of a 4.5 star rating out of 5 — provided by its users. So far, there are very few criticisms given on the service — mainly because all users are Empower Network members and can therefore use the product’s full potential.

Internet Marketing Industry Facts and Figures

So why exactly should you choose iPAS 2? Aside from the inherent features and pros of the product, the bottom line is that the Internet is now the platform that best influences the buying power of people.

Time and time again, real studies show that large companies are investing millions into online marketing and that 63% of buyers are influenced by blogs rather than magazines. However, only around 21% of leads actually get turned into sales — which means that if you want to make 100+ sales in a month, you will need to make more than 500 leads within that time.

How iPas 2 PRO Changes You for the Better

The bottom line of having iPAS 2 online marketing system is this: you will be able to maximize your sales with minimum effort. Essentially, this gives you the chance to pursue other interests with enough financial security or you can extend that business side with more time on your hands, thanks to iPAS 2 PRO’s professional handling of the marketing side. No matter what your decision will be — there is no question that the system can only change your sales for the better.


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