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New Travel-Sized Diatomaceous Earth Silica Supplements Available for All Guests

At Manessi, we love to inform our valued guests and visitors about upcoming events and changes that can help make your traveling a healthy experience. We would like to take the time and introduce the innovation around using a diatomaceous earth supplement (85% silica) when traveling to avoid parasites and other food poisonings and also keep the ability to detox and cleanse your body when eating foreign foods you are not always use to eating.

We get many people per our website that wonder why we recommend to start using diatomaceous earth food grade powdered supplements, and now we are going to breakdown the benefits of why this product is a must for you and your traveling paths.

There is a growing amount of research available that tout the many benefits of Diatomaceous Earth supplementation. Since the average modern human diet is lacking in silica, silica supplementation is the only way for most people to get their recommended daily amount of this beneficial mineral.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

diatomaceous earth approvedWhat exactly does silica do for the human body?

Let’s take a closer look into several of the health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth Silica supplements:

Food Grade DE For Bone and Joint Health

Having strong, dense bones are vital to the strength of the entire human body. Weak bones lead to a frail body that is more prone to injury. Silica is a vital mineral for bone growth because silica helps the bones absorb calcium, magnesium, and other minerals needed to form strong bones.

In addition, silica also helps improve collagen production in the bones, which is actually what give our bones the strength and durability they need to be strong. Silica has the same effects on the nails and teeth as well.

Silica supplements are commonly used for joint pain as well. Silica helps to improve the strength of the ligaments and tendons in our joints, which improves flexibility. Silica also helps to alleviate joint inflammation, which is often the cause of joint pain or the more serious condition, arthritis.

Some studies have found that silica supplements can effectively manage Arthritis pain and help the joints absorb chondroitin and glucosamine. These two compounds lubricate the joints and prevent inflammation, which is the main cause of Arthritis.

Natural Diatomaceous For Heavy Metal Detoxification

food grade health benefits dietThe human body is exposed to all kinds of chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. One of the most dangerous classes of toxic material is heavy metal. Specifically, excess aluminum levels in the body are believed to be the cause of Alzheimer’s, although research is still underway.

Silica helps to flush aluminum out of the body, as well as other heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, and zinc. In addition, silica is said to flush the entire digestive system – which is often loaded with toxins such as bacteria, viruses, and mucus.

Cardiovascular Support

The arteries, veins, and other blood vessels are the sole method of transportation in our body. Silica helps to support cardiovascular health by strengthening the arterial walls and eliminating plaque and other artery-clogging materials from the bloodstream.

This process helps to improve blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and improves the overall efficiency of the cardiovascular system. It may also help reduce the risk for heart disease although more research is still needed.

Digestive Support

The digestive system is a delicate system in the body and just one seemingly insignificant factor can completely throw off your digestive health. Silica supplements help to support digestive health by reducing stomach inflammation and balancing digestive enzyme levels for improved digestion.

Some users claim that silica supplements also helped eliminate common digestive issues such as constipation, ulcers, and diarrhea. Overall digestion was greatly improved and was overall much more efficient after Diatomaceous Earth silica supplementation.

Skin and Hair Health

Finally, silica supplements have a seemingly huge impact on the health of our hair and skin. As previously mentioned, silica helps to increase collagen production, which is what gives our skin and hair its’ “elasticity.”

Silica supplements are said to improve hair quality, length, and overall strength. Hair damage and fizziness is greatly declined and scalp health is dramatically improved due to increased blood flow to the area.

Silica may help impact skin health by reducing or eliminating the effects of aging. Wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles all may fade or completely disappear due to improved collagen levels. In addition, silica supplements may help bring a youthful glow to the skin within a few weeks of use.

Final Thoughts

While there are a few side effects to taking Diatomaceous Earth supplements, there are literally dozens of benefits that outweigh these risks. Silica is an important mineral that is often forgotten and hopefully now you see how important this mineral can be to your health.

Silica supplements are available on various online retailers and retail stores and we suggest you look into trying out a silica supplement. Chances are, you’ll feel some of the incredible health benefits that we just mentioned above within days or a few weeks!

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